Bajo Endangered Animals Polar Bear

Bajo Endangered Animals Polar Bear



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That’s no teddy bear, but a big and dangerous polar bear. Why is it white? A polar bear lives in a snowy and icy land, and its transparent fur that reflects light is its camouflage. It has a very sharp sense of smell. Even though it is extremely strong and hardy, especially when long migration routes are concerned, that is not enough – this species has adapted to Arctic climate, so as the global warming progresses, so does the extinction of the polar bears. That is why this wooden toy was made, to make children aware that is it important to protect environment and animals. Otherwise a day will come when it won’t be possible to see a great polar bear wandering through the icy land. Our language loses a natural bond with the world as a species becomes extinct. One of the things that help keep that bond intact are toys depicting real life animals. While playing with them, children learn to appreciate the world of nature.

Made in Poland.


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