Bajo Forest Set Natural

Bajo Forest Set Natural



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 Toys out there tend to represent buildings, cars, animals… 

All the things that show the world we live in, but not so many toys representing the natural world. Plants, greenery, parks, all very important in our urban ecosystem, and let's not forget they can be fun as well. 

That is the spirit captured in these figures, like the real trees they come in many shapes. 

Children can get all of them to make a big forest out of different looking trees. 

The forest sets are a great decorative piece for the child’s room and also an essential toy to accompany any kind of play. They can be a great background for other BAJO toys. This is another of our attempts to raise awareness about the importance of nature through toys.

Design: Anna Bajor & Wojciech Bajor

Size of the biggest tree: 13.8 cm x 5 cm x5 cm

 Box:  28 cm x 11 cm x 14,2 cm8

Elements: 5 trees per set