Bajo Dinos Sorter

Bajo Dinos Sorter



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Kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, so are we! 

This year Bajo created a long expected sorter with 6 dinosaur figures whose names... can only be pronounced by true dino lovers: 

The long-necked dino (Diplodocus), 

the one with pointy thingies in the back (stegosaurus), 

The chubby one with short arms (T-Rex), 

The one with horns and beak (triceratops),

the funny shaped head one (parasaurolophus)

 and this one that is too cute to be this angry (dilophosaurus). 

The dinosaurs are printed double sided for them to function also as figures to play with. You can pile them up finding balance, add them to any adventure during play or just sort them out. Sorters are essential toys because they help develop cognitive and motor skills in small children. 

As always at Bajo, they try to design toys that are multifunctional and beautiful.

Design: Sebastian Rubiano

Size of the toy: base 18 x 2,2 x 4,5 cm

 Box:27 x 17 x 3,2 cm

Elements: 6 dinosaurs

Recommended for children from 18 months