Bajo Pentomino Blocks

Bajo Pentomino Blocks



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What are these blocks?

That’s Pentomino, a logical tiling puzzle. How come was it named like that? The word Pentomino comes from Greek and combines the word Pente (five) + domino. This relates to the structure of Pentomino’s twelve figures: each is as big as 5 small cubes, only has a different shape. Pentomino is a game that will never bore you. Arranging rectangles out of the figures is only one of many possibilities. You can also form animals, letters or 3D figures. Playing with this toy is very beneficial for child’s healthy development. It helps enhance spatial visualization, logical thinking, concentration and introduces a child into the world of mathematics.

The size of the toy in the box: 25 cm x  15 cm x  2,5 cm
12 elements
Box:  27 cm x  17 cm x  3,2 cm
Recommended for children over 2 years old