Bajo Noah's Ark

Bajo Noah's Ark



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Who is in the ark?

It was Noah and Nammah who went on a journey and took the animals with them. There are 18 four-legged passengers, which gives 9 pairs, each of which is in a different color. The ark has a roof that can be raised and a bridge. But it is not everything. The ark is a boat - that's why it's rocking. Be careful and concentrated because passengers may lose their balance. Playing with the Ark provides many benefits. Children practice small motor skills and develop their imagination. The ark can be used as a starting point to tell the parable of Noah and Nammah, or to invent new alternative versions of the story.

Size of the ark: 30 cm x 9,8 cm x 14 cm
20 elements + ark
Box: 32 cm x 10,7 cm x 14,5 cm

Recommended for children over 3 years old.