Bajo Crab Galapagos Series

Bajo Crab Galapagos Series



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Through this collection of toys, we want to pay homage to one of the most impressive ecosystems in the entire world. An ecosystem in which particular geology and isolation created unique life forms. We are, of course, talking about the Galapagos, a small archipelago in the middle of the Pacific.

So Impressive are the flora and fauna of these islands that they played a key role in Darwin’s conclusions about evolution. This place is not only a natural treasure, it is also at the center of our modern understanding of science.

Looking at these pull toys you might be thinking that we forgot how to make wheels but we are actually reinventing it by using a non-conventional triangular shape. We did this to represent the many ways in which these creatures seamlessly move across ecosystems. Giving these toys a movement that is  surprising, playful, and still effective.

From the unique swimming iguanas to crabs, to crawling sea lions, we have chosen to represent some of the most famous inhabitants of these islands. And of course, we couldn’t leave behind the most iconic of them all: The Galapagos Tortoise which apart from being a pull toy works as a sorter. 

One of the last details integrating this whole collection are the googly eyes that complement the movement and are giving these creatures a bit of a joyful silly look.

Like pretty much every other ecosystem this magical archipelago is threatened by climate change and direct human action. We hope this series will help us teach children about the importance of such unique places and the role they play not only for the world but also as part of our scientific heritage.

Size: 19,5 x 12 x 6,5 cm