Bajo Athlete Stacking Game

Bajo Athlete Stacking Game



Who is the strongest in the world?

It's an Athlete! He can lift the heaviest and largest objects. And who built such a complex structure that our strongman bravely lifts above him? To build it, you need someone who can think logically. This is a kind of skill game where you have to create a structure of 60 sticks. Playing with an athlete develops logical thinking, supports fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

This toy has unpainted elements, because the Bajo company makes sure that every toy has a wooden element without any coat of paint in order for children to get to know, see and feel the structure of wood.

1 athlete – 60 colorful sticks
Size of the Athlete: 8 cm x  2,5 cm x 9,7 cm
Box: 20,8 cm x  9,7 cm x 2,8 cm
Recommended for children over 3 years old