Tambu Drum Iceberg Dreams

Tambu Drum Iceberg Dreams



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Tambú is an invitation to delve into the world of music in the simplest and
most exciting way. This innovative reed drum is specially designed for
people of all ages to produce harmonious melodies instantly and without
prior musical knowledge. Thanks to its colour and number coding system,
Tambú offers significant advantages for children. Beyond being a mere toy,
Tambú is a genuine educational and creative tool that facilitates intuitive
learning and the memorization of notes and rhythms. Its methodology
allows children to create music from the very beginning without feeling
overwhelmed by theoretical complexity. Made with durable materials
and available in a range of vibrant colors, Tambú is not only a musical
instrument for beginners but also an elegant decorative piece for any
space. Includes a practical carrying bag and sheet music.

An Escape from the Digital World
In an era dominated by screens, Tambú offers a serene refuge, an escape
towards creativity and human connection. By fostering immersive musical
play and full awareness, this instrument becomes a powerful ally against
digital overload, promoting holistic well-being through music.

Discover Your CreativityTambú is an invitation to explore and expand your musical creativity.
While all users benefit from this creative boost, younger ones will also
find a unique opportunity to develop essential skills such as hand-eye
coordination and concentration.

An Instrument for EveryoneThere’s no boundaries of age or skill for Tambú. It’s a treasure for any home, school, or workspace, inviting musicians of all ages to explore sound, feel their rhythm, and create their own music.