Svoora Crystal Ball Kaleidoscope Phaistos (Assorted)

Svoora Crystal Ball Kaleidoscope Phaistos (Assorted)



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A collection of collectable Crystal Ball Kaleidoscopes featuring Ancient Greek Traditions through 4 different illustrations. Inspired by the “Phaistos” Disc, the Meander, the Linear B Script & the Olympic Games. Their gold-black appearance is luxe and of highest quality. 

Look at the world a little bit differently. The 'crystal' ball at the end of this kaleidoscope refracts the light in weird and wonderful ways. 

Your child will have hours of fun experimenting with colours and shapes.

The tube of this kaleidoscope is a solid, heavy cardboard. The lens is made of glass. 

Age 6+


Four assorted designs - orders will be selected at random