The Tree by Graeme Base

The Tree by Graeme Base



A sweet, heartfelt and funny read-a-loud with the feel of a classic and a positive message of peace and sharing.

Look for the charming little characters hidden on every page, and join Cow and Duck in this beautiful story by the acclaimed creator of Animalia.

This is the story of a cow, a duck and a very big tree.
At first the cow and the duck are happy with their mooberries and mushquacks, living side-by-side without even noticing. But then a big storm came…

Cow and Duck set out to protect their tree from one another and in doing so destroy everything they have.
Can they live together and work together to rebuild, and can they learn to share?

Why This Book is Special

A Classic Picture Book Length: A beautiful read-a-loud that is enjoyable and child-appropriate. The text is pitched perfectly for young readers.

Modern Design: The design is modern and elegant, serving as a delightful canvas for stunning illustrations that Graeme Base is renowned for.

Positive and Relevant Message: This book carries an invaluable lesson on peace, sharing, and the critical importance of preserving our natural environment.

Don't miss the chance to share this touching tale and its important messages with the young readers in your life.