Svoora Spinning Planets

Svoora Spinning Planets



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Learn the planets of our Galaxy and spin around them in an intergalactic journey!

A set of 9 wooden spinning tops – 8 planets & 1 spaceship –, 8 Info Cards & 24 Mission Cards that has multiple layers of educational & play value:

Ages 5+: Gain your first knowledge of our solar system (front view of Info Cards)
Ages 6+: Learn how to spin the Planet Tops
3a. Ages 8+: Learn more about the Planets (back view of Info Cards)

3b: Ages 8+: Play the Intergalactic Missions Game (Mission Cards):

Pick a Mission Card
Place the Planet Tops on the game board, as seen in the Card
Spin the Spaceship Top at the specified start Point
Hold & Tilt the Board with your hands so as to navigate your Spaceship to your indicated destination!
A creative & innovative game to educate yourselves for our solar system, to develop your fine-motor skills & hand-eye coordination and to enhance creativity and spatial perception!

Age 5+
Material locust wood
Size 28 × 28 × 5.6 cm