Slackers Swingline

Slackers Swingline



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From the creators of the Ninjaline®, Slackers Swingline is the perfect introductory line for those little ones full of energy and ready to start building their upper body strength and swinging skills.  

 Kids can easily move through the course and rearrange the line of activity as desired. First, they can start by swinging back and forth or hang upside down from the steel monkey bar. Then they can swing like a monkey from one gym ring to the next before landing at one of the lightweight mesh swings! 

With 10 grip clips, you can hang all of the included swings and accessories with two extra Grip Clips left over so that additional obstacles can be included along the line for extra fun: such as the Skate Swing, Ninja Twister or Ninja Wheel! Visit our Ninja line Accessories section for more ideas!  

The entire kit includes a carrying bag for an easy portable swing set to take to the park or store away as needed 

  • pop-up swing set and playground for your backyard  
  • Perfect for younger kids who are ready to start building their strength 
  • Can be installed between two compatible trees in 30 minutes or less 
  • Complete set includes: 
    • 1 x 36’ Ninjaline without pockets 
    • 2 x  mesh swings – one red, one purple 
    • 1 x steel monkey bar 
    • 2 x Gym rings 
    • 10 x Grip Clips for accessory attachment to line 
    • 1 x ratchet cover 
  • Dual use line can be used with Grip Clips to hang obstacles, or as a slackline without obstacles 
  • Additional obstacles can be added on the line using the extra grip clips 
  • Ages 3+