Poppik Stickers Travel Tropical

Poppik Stickers Travel Tropical



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In this sleeve, you will get 6 exclusive cards to complete with stickers. The child put the stickers on the empty spaces by matching colours and shapes. Poppik is a creative hobby that promotes calm and concentration. This small size was designed so that the activity can be taken everywhere. A great way to get used to the train, plane or restaurant.

This activity has been designed for children from 4 to 6 years old. It enhances visual recognition (colours and shapes) and precision of the gesture. By placing the stickers on the cards, the child will reconstitute images of the jungle. The activity can be shared among several children.

These cards were illustrated for Poppik by Elsa Fouquier.

Contains : 6 images  (6 x 6 inches - 15 x 15 cm) + 360 stickers (4 sheets)