Poppik Pixel Art - Portrait of Vincent

Poppik Pixel Art - Portrait of Vincent



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In this cover you will find a large poster (representing a numbered grid) and stickers. Complete the grid with the stickers to make the table appear.

Let yourself be surprised by this pixel portrait of the painter Vincent Van Gogh. It's up to you to stick hundreds of coloured stickers on the poster by following the numbers. Little by little, the famous artist appears. This easy and relaxing activity looks like a puzzle or mosaic. Once finished, the sticker poster becomes a decorative poster for the home.

A zen activity for adults, but also for children from 10 years. Allow 4 sessions of about 30 minutes.

Contains: 1 poster + 6 boards of stickers Unfolded
poster: 38 cm x 54 cm
Number of stickers: 1600
All audiences from 10 years