Fagus Garbage Truck LE

Fagus Garbage Truck LE



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Limited Edition Orange Fagus Garbage Truck

The Garbage Tipper Truck is part of the Classic wooden toy range by German eco toymaker, Fagus. This solid Beech wood recycling truck has fully steerable rubber based wheels, driven by a large wooden knob on the top of the cabin that is easy for little hands.

The rear gate that carries two garbage bins, can be raised up to empty bins and lowered to replace them. Measuring 43cm in length, this truck comes complete with 4 wooden peg figures, two who ride in the cab and two on the back.

This beautiful wooden toy truck encourages fine motor skills and fun imaginary play.

Fagus hold one of the highest standards for wooden toy vehicles and in the world, making them an heirloom quality toy.

Made in Germany from beech wood. Awarded with the german "Spiel Gut" seal and certificate.

Fagus toys are more than just toys. The word Fagus actually translates to the word beech in Latin, the raw natural material with which every Fagus item is created from and put together with — no nails, screws or staples are used at all. Each piece is individually interlocked, geared, dowelled or glued to another and finished with a non-toxic transparent lacquer so that the natural wooden structure is protected but still may be enjoyed and admired.

Fagus was founded in 1969 but it was only in 1981 that the production of wooden toys began. Every car, truck and tractor has been made in the workshop by people with disabilities under the instruction and guidance of specially trained professionals. Fagus is proud to support a community with special needs and is even recognised by the Federal Institute of Labour in Germany.

Fagus has a strong commitment to making the highest quality wooden toys in the world from only the most sustainable sources and practices. Fagus produce toys that not only will be enjoyed by children for many years to come but for generations too.

Age group: 3+