Chapels Fine Teas Raspberry Leaf Tisane & Infuser Set

Chapels Fine Teas Raspberry Leaf Tisane & Infuser Set



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Oolong tea with its rich taste and purported weight lose benefits is the base to this fruit tea delight. The hint of raspberry and the full taste of oolong give a crisp finish. Whole fresh fruits have been used to infuse flavours into the tea; the fresh flavours will truly tantalize your taste buds. When summer heat calls for a cool drink simply add ice! 

The exclusive Infuser design is made from tempered glass so you know it can withstand the heat when brewing tea. It has a test tube design that has holes in the glass for the tea to infuse through. This product is perfect to use with high grade teas as you have control over how much tea to use and how long the brewing time is. It can be taken out of your cup when brewed to your preferred strength and used multiple times for reinfusion with no fuss!

20-30g Tea Leaves