Kapla Book and Colours - Red/Orange

Kapla Book and Colours - Red/Orange



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Ideal for starting or enhancing a collection of KAPLA®!

In this portable boxed set you will find 40 KAPLA planks in two colours, accompanied by an art book especially adapted to the colour theme of the planks. The creations in each book are designed to inspire a range of abilities and age groups.


  • 20 red and 20 orange planks
  • a matching hard-cover art book filled with colourful construction ideas
  • a lightweight cardboard display box provides easy storage of the planks, and slides alongside the book into a flexible sleeve.

KAPLA Book and Colours Sets are available in three colourways - why not collect them all!

Measures 23.6cm x 23.6cm x 5.5cm and weighs 1kg.