SENGER Hanging Musical Dog

SENGER Hanging Musical Dog



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When the cord is pulled, the SENGER Musical Dog plays the magical Brahms' lullaby. A well-known lullaby to help baby sleep. 

Made from the finest organic cotton outer layer and pure sheep's wool filling with 2 sewn-on eyes and a nose. 

Recommended to be hung in sight, but out of reach of baby as the SENGER Dog plays the lullaby.

A beautiful addition to any collection.

Made in: Germany
Organic Cotton Plush, free from pollutants and meeting strict quality and safety controls.
Filling: Pure Sheep's Wool 
 L 25cm W 6.5cm H 17cm 
Weight: 260g

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts, including cords are a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children, and use with supervision.
Quality & Safety: Made from organic plush cotton, and filled with pure Sheep's Wool, free from pollutants and meeting strict quality and safety controls.
Usage: Ideal musical mobile for the first years of life

Your SENGER Friend is made from natural materials. The Cotton Plush is organic, and all white plush is undyed. When dyes are used, they are as friendly as possible. Your friend is filled with pure sheeps wool.

In other words, we keep things as close to nature as possible. And nature needs special care.