Djeco Animambo Cymbal and Xylophone

Djeco Animambo Cymbal and Xylophone



Introducing an adorable tortoise-shaped xylophone and cymbal, the ultimate musical toy for little ones aged 18 months and up.

Featuring vibrant illustrations and premium materials, this is the perfect gift for budding musicians. This unique toy is made up of two instruments that will help your child get into the world of music. With four notes to play using two wooden sticks, your child can learn to tell the difference between sounds and develop their sense of rhythm. Watch as they discover the joys of making music and explore their creativity. Crafted from FSC® certified wood, you can be sure that this toy is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. Give your child the gift of music and watch as they develop their skills and imagination with our tortoise-shaped xylophone and cymbal. 

Suitable for ages: 18 months+

Package Dimensions

70cm L x 26cm H 980g