Condor Ankle Ribbed Sock (#200 Blanco) White

Condor Ankle Ribbed Sock (#200 Blanco) White



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The best school sock, it’s stays up!

We love a knee hi and Condor socks are, in our opinion, the leaders. Not only are their socks the softest and most comfortable, their colour palette is second to none. The classic rib design is timeless and their perfect blend of cotton and Lycra make them super comfortable and best of all, they stay up!

Made in Spain.

75% Cotton, 22% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.

     Size       Age/Shoe size
000   -   0-3M
  00  -  3-6M
     0  -  6-12M
       2  -  12-24M
         4  -  23-36EU
        6  -  27-31EU
         8  -  32-35EU
        10  -  36-39EU
        12  -  39-41EU