Birkenstock Arizona Kids Earthy Vegan Faded Khaki BirkiBuc NARROW

Birkenstock Arizona Kids Earthy Vegan Faded Khaki BirkiBuc NARROW




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The legendary Arizona is for many, the epitome of the Birkenstock sandal and has been one of the most popular models, delighting wearers worldwide for decades. The iconic design is simple, a two-strap upper that can be individually adjusted to the wearer’s feet using two sturdy buckles complemented with the signature comfort of the Birkenstock footbed – guaranteeing a good fit and firm support.

  • Every pair of Birkenstocks is made from the highest quality materials. 
  • Vegan FootbedVegan Footbed
    EVA SoleEVA Sole
    Synthetic UpperSynthetic Upper
  • The essence of Birkenstock shoes is the original Birkenstock footbed, which is inspired by the natural imprint of a foot in the sand and feels just like walking barefoot. Its anatomical shape ideally supports the natural walking action of your foot. Your feet, joints and back are protected. At the same time, your foot and leg muscles are exercised, and your health and well-being benefit as a result.

Size chart in pictures attached. 

These measurements are footbed dimensions.

We recommend choosing a footbed size by adding 10mm to the length of your foot.