What Is Inclusion? by Jessica Window

What Is Inclusion? by Jessica Window



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"My mums asked me what I thought the word INCLUSION meant. I'm only five, I don't know!"

A discovery book about what it means to be a part of our very special world and the importance of inclusion and caring about each other.

This is the story of what happened when a 5 year old was asked by her two mums about what inclusion means.

The way a child learns is often through being inquisitive and asking their community. This book highlights the importance of being caring and accepting our differences as it's our "uniqueness" that makes us special.

The story and illustrations depict inclusion at its core. You may have a non-traditional family, or come from a diverse background, but wherever you come from you are a part of the very important puzzle.

Based on the prize-winning animation, Equality Projekt: What is inclusion?

About the author (2020)

Jessica Window spent far too much time having fun collecting degrees in Performance and Creative Arts. She majored (of sorts) in the art of storytelling in the form of script or screen writing and being a performer. This is her first children's book, adapted from the script for the short animation, Equality Projekt: What is Inclusion? It was inspired by the research of her inquisitive and clever daughter, who has an ability to see everyone as an equal and makes her Mama proud every day. You can find Jessica on Instagram: @jess.window

Illustrator: Clio Gates Foale studied Zoology and Arts at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. While writing and illustrating her first book, Whose POO are you? A guide for tiny zoologists, Clio discovered her love for creating children's books. These days she is an ecologist by day and illustrates by night. Look out for Clio on Instagram: @cliogatesfoale