Skittles Garden Size

Skittles Garden Size



Turn off your electronic game console, and switch off your iPhone, because the folks at Planet Finska are bringing good old-fashioned outdoor games back with a vengeance.

Skittles is the perfect activity to bring the family together, and out in the sunshine. What’s Skittles? Glad you asked, because it’s the traditional “nine-pin” outdoor bowling game which has brought people, young and old, together for generations. All you have to do is stand the pins in a diamond formation, and roll the ball toward the pins. It’s great exercise, not to mention an excuse for some healthy competition between family and friends.

Skittles Set features:
Made from classic timber, and finished with a clear varnish.
Includes instructions and a rules card.
Pins and balls store inside a timber crate with two rope carry handles.
Store inside in a dry place.

Set Includes:
8 x 23.5cm Pins
23.5cm Red King Pin.
3 x Balls - 7.5cm.
Wooden Carry Crate - 25.5cm (w) x 25cm (h) x 22.5cm (d).