Sap N Tap Premium Organic Maple Syrup 237mL

Sap N Tap Premium Organic Maple Syrup 237mL



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Sap N Tap maple syrup is USDA organic certified - Sap N Tap don’t use any harmful chemicals and everything is inspected on a yearly basis to make sure food grade standards are met. There are absolutely no additives.

  • An alternative for refined sugar and honey.
  • Suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets.
  • Contains potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Sap N Tap is a profit-with-purpose enterprise whose vision is to inspire and enable businesses and consumers to be more purpose driven, more sustainably minded and have a greater everyday impact.

Sap N Tap's mission is to protect Australian forests; Sap N Tap does this by providing the most authentic, highest quality maple syrup product from a family-owned forest in rural Vermont and donating 25% of the net profits made back to Rainforest Rescue - a non-profit organization based out of Daintree in Northern Queensland.


The Sap N Tap operation is located in a forest in Vermont, USA that has been sustainably managed and family-owned for nearly 3 generations.

 95% of the forest is protected by a conservation easement. When a conservation easement is placed on a parcel of land, it prevents commercial development on that land forever. Maple syrup operations are still allowed.

 The maple trees are native and have developed naturally over 60-100+ years!


Sap N Tap use less-stressful, small diameter spouts (taps) that allow for trees to heal quicker and for more connective cambium tissue for nutrient flow.

 Since Sap N Tap are the owners of the system, Sap N Tap reserve the right to hold off on tapping if they have a large-scale stress event such as a major defoliation, allowing the trees time to recoup before tapping again.



Maple Syrup* (100%)