Poppik Pixel Art - Magic Constellation

Poppik Pixel Art - Magic Constellation



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 In this cover you will find a large poster (representing a numbered grid) and stickers. Complete the grid with stickers of different colors and shapes (triangles, squares and diamonds) to make the mandalas appear.

Escape into the magic of a starry night by reconstructing these colored mandalas in the manner of a kaleidoscope. This motif was created by Sarah Andreacchio, an artist passionate about decoration, who shares with Poppik her taste for the refined and modern colors.

This poster is advised from the age of 7 years. Count 5 sessions of about 30 minutes, at 2. The activity can be shared with other children or adults.

Contains: 1 poster + 6 boards of stickers Unfolded
poster: 1 mx 60 cm
Number of stickers: 1000 stickers
22 colors
Everyone from 7 years old