Paola Reina Gordis Asian Baby Boy Doll with Hair: Ken

Paola Reina Gordis Asian Baby Boy Doll with Hair: Ken




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Gordis dolls are entirely handcrafted using only the finest materials.  Baby Ken is lightly vanilla scented and has beautiful straight, black hair. 

    • Made in Spain
    • Age Guide: 3 +
    • Height: 34cm
    • Vinyl is PVC free and phthalate free
    • Arms, legs and head move
    • Does not come clothed. 
    • Anatomically correct

    At Paola Reina they pay attention to every production process to create dolls of great quality and design. Behind each Paola Reina doll there is a large group of specialists who work on its development. Technology, quality and design play a very important role in the manufacturing process, combining advanced techniques with other totally handcrafted ones such as mold sculpture, face makeup, hairstyle or dressing.

    All Paola Reina dolls and clothing are made 100% in Spain and comply with the strictest controls of European quality regulations of our products.

    Photo Cred: Chelsea Woolston

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