Ogas D07 Sailboat Red 30cm.

Ogas D07 Sailboat Red 30cm.



The company Ogas was founded in 1898 specialising in historic ship models and wooden toys. Over the years and through world wars the company had to change focus and was eventually sold. But in 1990, the Grandsons of the original founder, Otto Greiner, retook possession and once again started production.

Ships are hand made from local wood using drawings in the family's possession.

The boats are floatable and suitable for children from 3+

Only local certified woods from sustainable forestry are used. Paints, lacquers and varnishes are water-based, are solvent-free, environmental friendly, contain no harmful ingredients and are waterproof.

All sailing ships sails and stitching are made of 100% natural fibres. The assembly of the sails is done by great manual work and care. The rigging is also hand made and can be readjusted and tightened by moving the knots and guying. 

This beautiful red sailing ship will provide years of delight. Features sail that can be completely turned down and keel. 

Measures 30cm x 8cm. 

Made in Germany.