Nanoblock Mini Series: Clownfish

Nanoblock Mini Series: Clownfish



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Clown fish have a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones which means they have a mutually beneficial relationship. The bright colourful scales of clown fish attract unsuspecting fish to the sea anemone thus providing it with a meal. The anemone in return provides the fish with shelter because unlike other sea creatures, the fish are immune to the stings of the anemone. The Nanoblock Clown Fish is made of orange, white and black blocks and sits on a blue base resembling water.

Nanoblock designs require care and patience to complete and the finished models need careful handling. Tweezers are not included but highly recommended. The Clown Fish pack contains over 110 pieces.

Recommended for ages 8 and over. Due to their small size, Nanoblocks should be kept out of the reach of children under three years of age.

Finished size: 63 x 40 x 43mm. Package size: 180 x 100 x 20mm.