Kewpie Dolls - Mini Coloured Assorted

Kewpie Dolls - Mini Coloured Assorted



Kewpie dolls are based on comical strip-like illustrations by Rose O'Neill that appeared in Ladies' Home Journal in 1909. The small dolls were extremely popular in the early 1900s. Their name, often shortened to "Kewpies", is derived from "cupid", the Roman god of beauty and non-platonic love. The Kewpie doll was mentioned in Anne Frank's diary. She received one on her first St. Nicholas Day in the Annex from Miep and Bep.

These dolls are only 5cm high and are very sweet. Some of the uses include advent calendar gifts and baby shower ornaments - like cup cakes. They are also popular in lolly bags or just an extra gift on presents.

These Kewpies have heads that are able to be turned and are available in pink, green or yellow.

Please note that colours will be selected at random. If you prefer a specific colour/s, please make a note on your order and we will endeavour to pick accordingly based on stock levels. 

Not suitable for children under 3yrs. 

Dimensions: 5cm high.

For ages 3+