Humphrey Law Children's Wool Blend Health Socks Red

Humphrey Law Children's Wool Blend Health Socks Red



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Proudly Australian owned and made since 1947.

Humphrey Law is a family company that embraces the concept of environmental sustainability, that is, taking action that protects the environment through approaches such as using renewable resources and reducing pollution.  In their seventy plus years of manufacturing they have found environmental approaches invariably align with sound business practice.

They have installed 357 solar panels on their factory roof, generating 100 kW of electricity which means that every second sock we make is using electricity direct from the sun. 

This sock is made with fine merino wool that will not prickle or itch and has the Health Sock® 'no tight elastic' top, meaning that the sock stays up without restricting the wearer's blood circulation, and does not leave the deep indentation on the child's leg typical of cheap cotton children's socks. The sock also has CoolMax® padded soles and heels for comfort and durability, and nylon reinforced heel and toe.

Contents: 62% Fine Merino Wool,27% Nylon,8% CoolMax®, 2% Lycra, 1% Polyester.