Primomo Washable Crayons - Ring

Primomo Washable Crayons - Ring



  • Made in Japan, these adorable ring crayons by Primomo are super versatile. As well as drawing they can be used as a toy – string them together to make a necklace, wear them on your fingers or stack them up and put paper flowers inside. They are washable and erasable. So many fun things to do with Primomo crayons.

    The Primomo crayons are a high-quality product great for little toddler hands to grasp. They’re not sticky so hands stay clean. They come with an eraser and are floral scented.

    • Easy to hold
    • Fully washable – can be washed in anti-bacterial soap and mild detergent
    • Eraser included
    • 12 Pearl Ring crayons
    • Crayons 5cm long approx
    • Suitable for age 3+
    • Non-toxic.
    • Complies with Japanese, US and EU safety standards
    • Floral scented - Fragrances used are approved for use in foods
    • 100% made in Japan


    The Pearl Ring Crayon set by Primomo includes 12 pearl ring crayons and 1 crayon eraser and holder stand.