Maileg Princess & the Pea - Blue Bed

Maileg Princess & the Pea - Blue Bed



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Imagine for just a minute that you are a child again. You've just been given a present that you excitedly unwrap, bits of paper flying everywhere. You see a colourful green box that looks like a castle from the outside. But what could possibly be on the inside?

You open the magnetic flaps and unfold the floor to reveal a bright and airy bedroom scene. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the blue wooden bed with its seven luxurious mattresses and duvet with matching pillow. The infamous pea pokes out underneath.

Barely a moment passes before you let out a rapturous squeal. What's all the excitement about? Why, you've just met the pretty crocheted Princess with her curly long blonde hair and golden crown. Look at her feet! She's even wearing golden slippers.

Now, as an adult, think of the fun you're going to have reading out the classic Princess and the Pea fairy tale as your child acts it out with this gorgeous heirloom from Maileg. Or perhaps it'll be the other way round? We're well known for playing with our toys here at White Shore!

This is an imaginative and durable play set with the attention to detail you would expect from Danish toymaker Maileg. The Princess and the Pea bed measures 30 cm in length by 24 cm in height. We also have the crocheted Prince, Frog and Soldier dolls available separately to further enhance story time.