Eddie Frogbert by Sue deGennaro

Eddie Frogbert by Sue deGennaro



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Eddie Frogbert has an unusual problem for a frog. Unlike all his friends and family, Eddie does not like to jump or hop or leap. In fact, Eddie is quite happy to keep both his feet firmly on the ground. That is until a niggling idea prompts Eddie to think that maybe, just maybe, he could enter the diving competition with his friends. Terrified but determined, Eddie puts a plan in motion to help him overcome his fears.

A gentle tale for children aged 4 and over, Eddie Frogbert is a story about joining in, overcoming your fears, and being brave. This tale has an important lesson for children as Eddie shows how to break down a daunting task into manageable steps.

The illustrations are done with gouache, pencil and paper and are reflective of Sue deGennaro’s trademark style. The palette is consistent throughout with blues and vibrant green, contrasting with a grey background.

A good discussion starter for children, Eddie Frogbert helps children learn about being brave and giving things a go even when they are scary.