'Tis the season...

"Once a year when the nights are as long and cold as can be, we gather together bring cheer. Dressed in fuzzy beanies, woolly jumpers, scarves and mittens we step out into the frost bitten winter wonderland with hearts full of joy. With our rosy red cheeks and bright smiles we venture from door to door singing our hearts out. That’s right, it’s Christmas time and everywhere you turn carolers are bringing yule tide cheer." 

That's all well and good in the Northern part of our hemisphere but here, in the southern part where the Big Dreams team reside, by the time the 25th of December arrives it's all about shorts & t-shirts, summer dresses, hats & swimwear! The sun is shining at its brightest and Santa is ready to take his big warm suit off and sit down for a glass of Prosecco and a piece of pavlova!

We have managed however to bring a piece of Northern Europe to our sunny shores with the beautiful wooden hand painted range of Peterhof Christmas decorations & the delightful Goodwill snow globes. So whether it's a winter Wonderland that you would like to re-create this Aussie Christmas or you're perfectly happy celebrating by the pool, in the backyard or in the park, we have you covered. Check out our Christmas edit under the Gift section of our website, click on our Ultimate Gift Guide for 2017 or pop into our Northcote store and let our team of little elves sort out your gift giving! 


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