Coats & Jackets • Keep warm with us!

BRRR…It's been so cold & wet here in Melbourne town! Even though we love the whole romantic notion of misty skies (eerrhhh….thunderous clouds), going to bed while listening to raindrops (more like torrential rain) and cuddling with the family on the couch for a mid-week movie (school holiday ritual!) we just cannot get used to this phenomenon. I mean, a couple of Fridays ago was actually the coldest June day since 1988! When ‘Together Forever’ by Rick Astley was a number one hit! That’s a very long time between icy cold days (and strobe lights shining on revolving dance floors). 

So our advice to you and the family? If you plan to be venturing out…rug up! We’re talking gloves, woolly socks & gumboots, heavy coats & rain jackets, scarves & wool beanies but above all merino layers. Guaranteed warm, breathable fun without over-heating. 

Another piece of advice? Shop locally! It’ll mean less travel time for you in the cold and before you know it you’ll be feeling all warm and fuzzy from supporting small businesses in your little part of the world. And if you get stuck inside cause of a little one that won’t stop coughing or sneezing, there’s always online shopping (our favourite kind….sssshhh).

Happy Winter all…we’ll do our part in keeping your kids warm and toasty during the cold days and during the school holidays. Keep on checking your inbox for our upcoming activities and events or sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out.


Check out some of our best picks for coats and jackets below:

1. Mini Rodini Space AOP Jacket $129.952. Bobo Choses Stripes/Matisse Reversible Jacket (ON SALE) $115.003. Hatley Splash Raincoat - Grey $89.95/ 4. Munster Floral Bomber Jacket $119.95/  5. Mini Rodini Expedition Jacket - Beige $239.95/  6. Sways Ahoy Waterproof Raincoat $129.957. Jott Hugo Jacket - Red $239.958. Agatha Cub Two-way Bomber Jacket (ON SALE) $105.00/  9. Pretty Wild Jenny Raincoat with Liberty Hood - Pink $129.95/  10. Pretty Wild Jack Raincoat with Check Hood - Yellow $129.9511.  Petit Bateau Doudoune Padded Coat - Navy $249.95 


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